BSA Troop 111 - "Where Eagles Soar"
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Required forms:
Parts A & B are required for all activities
Part C is required for summer camp
See our current scouting year calendar (click on link): 2014-15 calendar
Note: dates and events are subject to change! 
The most up-to-date information is provided to the Scouts at our Wednesday night meetings.   
All meetings are held from 7:30-9:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall at the Plantation United Methodist Church.  
Chair                                                                Kim Dinkines
Treasurer                                                          Andy Schmidt (PUMC member)
Advancement Coordinator                               Henry Alonso
Troop Property (QM)                                       
At Large (PUMC/Methodist Scouting Resource)        Dick Ware (PUMC member)
District & OA                                                   Brad Schmidt
            Health & Safety                                    Blanca Leon
            Facebook                                             Kim Dinkines
            Web site                                              
Adult Training & Recognition                             open
Outdoor Activities/Summer Camp                    
Scoutmaster                                                     David Strickland (PUMC member)
PUMC Organizational Representative             Linda Vedsted (PUMC member)
Coordinators (attendance at meetings optional/seasonal)
            Life to Eagle                                        ASM EvanQuinn
            Water Sales                                         Blanca Leon 
            Religious Awards Program                    Diane Strickland & Linda Vedsted (PUMC members)
            Uniform Bank                                       Kim Dinkines        
updated August 2015
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